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Imagine having a ready-made marketing solution that allows you to sit down in front of your computer, open up a file, print it out and then share it with your patients and community!

Now imagine having this ready-made marketing solution available ALL YEAR LONG!

No where else will you find a more powerful patient marketing strategy that will cost you less than .46¢ a day.

A.P.E. Handouts are one of the easiest, more effective marketing strategies EVERY practitioner can employ in his or her practice right away.

All you have to do is click, print and share.

NEVER again will you need to wrack your brain trying to figure out how to market your practice this month. Or what blog post to add to your website, or what letter to send off to your inactive patients.

We've done ALL THE WORK for you!

If You’re Like Most Acupuncturists You Probably Dislike The Thought Of Having To Sell Or Market Your Practice.

I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault!

Growing your business requires wearing the hat of a sales person and sometimes that hat feels a bit uncomfortable to wear!

The good news is that attracting new patients and reactivating your inactive patients DOES NOT have to be a painful task, nor do you have to put on your sale persons hat.

A.P.E. Handouts are the easiest way to fill your schedule, help more people and become the go-to acupuncturist in your community by simply sharing the handouts in various ways!

Patient Education Is To Market Your Services WITHOUT Having To Do It With YOUR Mouth. A.P.E. Handouts Can Do This FOR YOU - The Greatest Solution.

APE Handouts Eliminate The Need To Market And Sell. They Are Easy To Use and Cost VIRTUALLY Nothing!

These handouts are hard-hitting acupuncture philosophy wrapped up in concise, powerful single page articles. Get them into your patients’ hands on a weekly basis and you will absolutely strengthen their understanding of acupuncture way beyond symptom relief, get them dialed into LIFETIME acupuncture care, and have them sending in their friends, family and co-workers.

Using APE Handouts allow you to help your patients even more than you do now! It gives them:

  • A deeper understanding of acupuncture

  • The wisdom through words of this powerful medicine

  • Greater insight and ideas about their health

Whether You Are A New Or Seasoned Practitioner, You Can Use A.P.E. Handouts IMMEDIATELY As Patient Education Handouts AND You Can Repurpose Them For...

  • Blog Posts

  • Social Media Posts

  • Email Content

  • Patient Letter Content

  • Articles For Newsletters

  • Website Content

Here's What You Get...

Ready-Made A.P.E. Handouts

Each Volume of the A.P.E. Handouts come with 26 weekly patient handouts. We have 4 Volumes to choose from.

All you have to do is click, print and hand them out. It's that easy!

Each Volume is professionally written, overflowing with acupuncture philosophy, health tips, topics and insights bound to inspire your patients.

A.P.E. Patient Tracking Form

The A.P.E. Handout Tracking form will help you stay on top of your patient education.

Simply print off a tracking form for each patient, place it into their file and now you'll be in control of where you are in the process of educating your patients with the A.P.E. Handouts.

12 Patient Help Sheets

Patient Help Sheets are loaded with self-care tips and ideas to help position you as the expert and caring practitioner.

Hand them out to inform and empower your patients with simple self-care tips and exercises. You can also use them as an outline to host a monthly healthcare class or as handouts at a talk you give. You can even use them as a blog post for your website.

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When It Comes To Patient Education, Too Many Practitioners Are Missing The Boat.

Patient education is one of the more powerful ways to grow and sustain a full practice. It's well known that educated patients tend to...

  • Stay in Care Longer

  • Get Better Faster

  • Refer More Patients

  • Share the Tremendous Benefits You Offer

  • Position You As the Go-To Acupuncturist

  • Make Marketing Easy and Seriously Fun!

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But Don't Take Our Word For It...Here's What A Few Happy Customers Had To Say:

Hey Jeffrey, I got volume one of the handouts and I love them. But aside  from me, my patients love them! I want more! More! More! More!!!!! I would write another 26 myself if I had the time and the writing abilities, but I don't so, what do you think? Can you whip some up? Thanks in advance!

B. Harrington, L.Ac., NP

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your handouts for the past 3 months and LOVE THEM! I print a new one off every week and they fly out the door. I started using them on my website and by adding new content I think my website search rankings have been going up! That's an extra added bonus, you should tell every other acupunctirst about this! Thanks guys!

L. Treet, L.Ac., LMP, MA

Hello Jeffrey, I love these and the fact that I can print off one of these handouts every couple of weeks and hand them to my clients. It's great to have something fresh and new to hand out every so often. It's hard for me to come up with such things, but I no longer need to! So, THANK YOU for providing this service! My patients are also excited to get new information.

L. Tang, L.Ac.

Here's How To Put Another $3000 Into
Your Pocket Each and Every Month!

If you send APE Handouts to just 100 of your inactive patients, and 5% call to renew care with you,  that's $3000 more dollars in YOUR pocket!

  • 5% of 100 inactive patients = 5 reactivated patients
  • Get them back in care for an average of 8 visits each = 40 extra visits
  • Charge an average of $75 per visit = $3000

And that's from mailing to just 100 ex-patients!

Imagine if you reactivated 5% of your inactive patients EACH month by doing a mailing.

  • 5% of 100 inactive patients = 5 reactivated patients
  • 5 reactivated patients per month = 60 reactivated patients per year
  • 60 patients coming in for an average of 8 visits each = 480 extra visits
  • Charge an average of $75 per visit = $36,000
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Tonify The Deficiency! Bar The Back Door! It’s Time To Start Building The Practice That Your
Community So Desperately Needs!

By the mere fact that YOU are an acupuncturist, YOU have the capacity to influence many lives in a powerful and positive way.

APE Handouts can help you do that in an easy, efficient and highly educational way.

Keep in touch with your patients on a regular basis. When you stay on top of your patients' minds, they know where to turn in their time of need.

If you are feeling the need to fill your schedule, use these handouts as the perfect excuse to send to your patients, encouraging them to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Not only can you use the handouts with your active patients, but you can use them to reactivate your inactive patients.

These handouts are one of the easiest, more effective marketing strategies EVERY practitioner can employ in his or her practice right away.

Bottom line, these handouts work!

There is no need to reinvent the patient education marketing wheel all you have to do is click, print and share.

If ever you have been looking for a ready-made and simple technique that positions you as the expert and the go-to acupuncturist, there is no need to look any further.

No where else will you find a more powerful patient marketing strategy that will cost you less than .46¢ a day.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose...100% Guaranteed To Help Your Practice Grow!

That’s why we guarantee A.P.E. Handouts will work for you—or we’ll return your money within 30 days of purchase. All you have to do is call 866-696-7577 and we’ll refund your money.

So there’s no way you can make a mistake. A.P.E. Handouts will work for you or you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

So take action and make A.P.E. Handouts a valuable part of your marketing plan for this year.

Perhaps you’re not in the right market and have been spinning your wheels trying to attract more new patients and turn a profit for years.

A.P.E. Handouts will give you the ready-made tools.

So take action right now and we look forward to giving you the tools that can provide you with easy, non-salesy marketing AND pave the way towards greater success in your practice.

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Try it for 30 days, if you don't like them, we will refund your money, no questions asked! It's that simple!